The South Bloomfield Division of Police Canine Unit has been in operation for the past several years. Officer Turner and K9 Gunner make up this unit and are currently assigned to the N.I.C.E. Neighborhoods Unit. This unit has been successful at seizing drugs, weapons and drug money that has either been enroute to Ashville, Circleville, South Bloomfield, and other communities. As USR 23 divides the Village of South Bloomfield, this affords the K9 Unit the opportunity to impact the transportion of drugs and weapons to not only local communities but other communities within the State of Ohio as well as throughout the country.

Officer Turner, has been a police officer and K9 handler since 1997 and owns a Police K9 Training Center.  Officer Turner donated a K9, as well as the vehicle and all necessary equipment to implement the unit.  K9 Gunner is a Belgian Malinois.  He is certified as a dual purpose (patrol/Narc) K9. His patrol duties consist of tracking, area search, building search, handler protection and obedience.  In narcotics, he is certified to detect marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and meth.  He is passive response detection.  This means instead of scratching at the source of drug odor, he simply sits and stares at the source of odor, until he is rewarded.

The team is required to maintain a state certification. They also choose to maintain a national certification in patrol and narcotics as well. The K9 Unit is operated at no cost to the village.  All purchases are funded by donations or seized assets. The K9 Unit is available for demonstrations and public events. 


To request more information about the K9 Unit, drug information, or to schedule a demo, please contact K9 Ofc. Turner at or Sgt.. Dauberman at or at the South Bloomfield Police Department at 740-983-9482.