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Deputy Marty Martin Memorial Stickers

Deputy Marty Martin of the Franklin County

Sheriffs Office was tragically taken from the law

enforcement family on September 6, 2008 from a

traffic accident.  He was survived by his wife and

son. In yet another tragic event Deputy Martin's

wife lost an ongoing battle with cancer and

passed away on March 12, 2009.

In an opportunity to honor his memory, and raise donations for Deputy Martin's son, South Bloomfield Police K9 Officer Jeff Turner, friends

of Deputy Martin, created a memorial sticker for the law enforcement family. The sticker is circular, has a black background and is non-reflective and measures about 4.5" radius. Please fill out the boxes below and click on BUY NOW below if your interested in purchasing multiple stickers, you can change the quantity in PayPal order.  

The cost is $5 per sticker and all profits are being made to Deputy Martin's trust for his son

***These are being offered to law enforcement officers ONLY***

**Verification of your employment will be completed prior to shipping**

Payments are being accepted by Paypal, Credit Card, or checks may be sent to the South Bloomfield Division of Police, Attention K9 Officer Jeff Turner


If you have any questions please email Officer Jeff Turner at jturner@southbloomfieldpolice.com or Sgt. Robert Dauberman at rdauberman@southbloomfieldpolice.com

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Officer Tazer Training Class

On July 26th, 2008 a tazer training session was conducted at the South Bloomfield Division of Police. One of the officers attending this training, Officer Pete Scott volunteered to be video taped during his "tazering" and was so kind as to allow us to post it on this page so everyone could see how much this tool allows officers to obtain control over combative suspects, drunk and drugged suspects, and to show the tazer as an additional tool that can be used by law enforcement to protect not only themselves, but the general public. If you would like to have a Tazer training held at your agency please contact our Tazer Instructor, Chief Ken McCoy at kmccoy@southbloomfieldpolice.com. After you view the video please go to our visitor/guest page and let us know who you are, what agency you may be with, and if you like the website........also if you can, wish good health to Officer Scott!

POLICEMEN by Paul Harvey

An officer located this "description" by the late Paul Harvey and as it is interesting and accurate, we believed this needed to be added as something for people to listen to once in a while to have a better understanding of what police officers are and go through, whether big city or small town it is all the same.