If you have any information you would like to make available to the South Bloomfield Police regarding possible drug activity both in the community or traveling throughout the community please email:

Sgt. Robert Dauberman at rdauberman@southbloomfieldpolice.com


Additional information and photos will be posted shortly


You can also contact us directly by clicking the link below. Our contact number is secured so you will be asked to enter the phone number you are at. The system will then call you and patch you through to us. If we are unavailable, you will be directed to a voicemail. You can either leave a message with or without your contact information. Please be aware these messages are not made available to all officers and messages left will be handled discretely and private with this unit only. If you are leaving drug information, either within the communities of South Bloomfield, Ashville, Circleville or Pickaway County, please leave as much information as possible.