The Administrative Unit of the Police Department is currently made up of  1 Captain and 2 Patrol Sergeants


Administrative duties include all activities "behind the scenes" within the police department including vehicle impound follow-up, statistics, supervision, scheduling and additional tasks. Each Sergeant is daunted with various tasks to supervise or address in addition to normal patrol duties. Should you have questions regarding issues please review the supervisor contacts and feel free to email them.

Department Supervisors


Sergeant John Wells

      John Wells has been with the South Bloomfield Division of Police from 1999. Sgt. Wells came from serving with the Special Tactics and Rescue Team (STAR), and as a Special Deputy with the Jackson County Sheriffs Office, where he was a Tactical Team Medic, and certified Special Weapons and Tactics Officer. Sgt. Wells also served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for nearly ten years with the Circleville Emergency Medical Service and as a Medical Supervisor with the U.S. Air Force and the Ohio Air National Guard. Some of his additional duties include Evidence Room Management, Impounded Vehicle Control and Property Control. 


Please contact Sgt. Wells at if you have any questions or need to speak to a supervisor.

Sergeant Robert Dauberman

Robert Dauberman has served on the South Bloomfield Division of Police for 15 years and has been in law enforcement for a total of 21 years. Sgt. Dauberman has been involved in law enforcement/security management and operations for over 25 years and has had prior history in the security/investigations industry as a Director of Operations. Sgt. Dauberman is current assignment is supervision over all narcotic activity and is a K9 handler with his partner "Scooby", a 2 year old Dutch Shepherd, certified by the State of Ohio as a special purpose narcotics detection canine. In addition to special assignments and tasks he is also the  2nd Shift Patrol Supervisor over patrol officers.


     Sgt. Dauberman has advanced training in various areas including narcotics and criminal patrol, crime scene processing, case management and investigations supervising, OVI enforcement, as well as responding to critical incidents, increasing department technology, streamlining procedures, new officer field training, and department training. 


     Sgt. Dauberman is also considered a State of Ohio certified instructor, an ADAP (Alcohol Detection and Prosecution) Instructor, a Meth/Clandestine Lab Awareness Instructor, a Firearms Instructor and is police bike patrol certified through IPMBA. Some of Sgt. Dauberman's additional duties include narcotic and OVI enforcement, criminal patrol, statistics and crime tracking, training, project managing, grant writing, and coordinating special events and appearances.


     Sgt. Dauberman can be reached at, if you have any questions, need to speak to a supervisor, or need to schedule firearms requalifications for your department.