For copies of accident reports please contact the South Bloomfield Clerk of Courts at (740) 983-2541


Please keep in mind, diagrams of accident scenes will only be included if vehicle(s) were not moved prior to the officers arrival, and will be noted in the diagram area if vehicles were in fact moved. Officers may request vehicles to be moved on property damage only (PDO) accidents for various reasons to include officer and traffic safety. In these instances, diagrams may or may not be included.

If photographs are taken at the accident scene by officers, certain guidelines will be met when obtaining copies of those photos. Generally they will only be photos that include vehicle information, license plates, and locations of damage. Photos of injured parties or graphic photos will not be posted.


2008 Accident Statistics 

As the Village of South Bloomfield continues to focus on growth, our agencies focus is on increasing safety and protection of our citizens, and the people that travel through our Village everyday.

Posted below is the geo-mapping through Google Maps of the 2008 Accidents handled by South Bloomfield Police. The blue icons are the "Non-Injury" or "Property Damage Only" accidents which simply means no medic was requested. The red hazard icons are "Injury" accidents, which means a medic, fire department, or medflight was on the scene.

Injury Accidents - 11

Non-Injury/PDO Accidents - 43

Total Accidents - 54

Area Most Accidents Occured - USR 23 @ SR 316 West

Main Cause of Accidents - Following To Close, Obeying a Traffic Control Device, ACDA, Fail To Signal

Many people comment on why the "business district" of South Bloomfield is 35 MPH and not 50 MPH such as the "business district" in Circleville, on USR 23. The simple answer can be seen by looking over this accident map. If the speed limit was actually 50 MPH instead of 35 MPH many of the "Non-Injury" accidents would be "Injury" accidents. This is one major reason slower speeds inside of this area is very important, please be safe and drive the posted limit.